Welcome to Water Damage Denver.

We are a leading water damage repair and restoration company serving commercial and residential property owners in and around Denver.

In and around Denver, water damage is one of the most common problems faced by property owners. It is important to know that water can wreak havoc on 90% of all homes or business properties. At Water Damage Denver, we will take care of the water damage and get you back to your feet as soon as possible. We are always available to take your calls and respond to your needs. Allowing water to linger in your home or office will lead to further structural damage and mold contamination. It is best to contact a professional water damage company as soon as you notice any sign of water damage in your commercial or residential space.

At Water Damage Denver, we are staffed with certified water damage repair technicians who are standing by 24/7, ready to tend to your repair needs. Allowing the water to stay in your property for too long can easily allow for more structural damage and expose your home or office to mold.

When dealing with water damage, most insurance companies will demand that you employ trained water damage repair technicians to ensure that your home or office is repaired by professionals. If you need our assistance, feel free to email us immediately.

In Denver, Water Damage Denver has several locations and this allows us to respond quickly to the whole Denver area. Our water clean-up technicians are waiting to help you restore your damaged property to its original condition regardless of the time of the day. Plus, we are accredited and licensed to carry out any repair and restoration services.

If your water damage was caused by a defective plumbing system, inclement weather, or even flood damage, our staff is prepared to tackle the case. Our team knows that property owners cannot continue to live outside the comfort of their home/office, therefore we will partner with you to execute a plan to bring your property back to normal as quickly as possible.

We will implement the correct clean-up technique and assist you in fixing your home or office with the least amount of risk possible. Our team utilizes a vast number of state-of-the-art high-tech equipment that is now attached to our support vehicle, including high-power dehumidifiers, portable and truck-mounted extraction devices, air movers, and drying systems.

At Water Damage Denver, we are a major Denver-area company that has considerable expertise in restoring commercial and residential properties after the destruction caused by water.

When you call on us for your water damage repair and restoration needs, will arrive on time and promptly begin to execute a plan to locate the cause of the damage, make the necessary repairs, perform water extraction, structural drying, and, if necessary, conduct a mold inspection. We have the tools and equipment required to finish the job quickly and to ensure customer loyalty. We are a Denver-based water damage restoration company devoted to delivering 100% customer satisfaction and helping the greater Denver community.

When faced with water damage-related issues, contacting a certified and qualified water damage professional like Water Damage Denver is obviously the best thing to do to restore water damages and property to its pre-loss state. You don’t have to worry about time to call. We are available 24/7 ready to answer any water damage distress call. Contact us today at Water Damage Denver to learn more about our water damage services or to book an appointment with us.